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  With its 4000mm x 2000mm cutting bed and 2 x KMT x 50 hp intensifiers to allow us to service our customers in thicknesses where our laser cutting specification ends, and also the ability to diversify from Stainless Steel to most other products, including metals, ceramics, glass, foam, Perspex etc. to a very high tolerance with a repetition accuracy of +/- 0.25mm with a positional accuracy of +/- 0.05mm per 1000mm.

The concept of water jet cutting uses a very high pressure jet of water (approximately 3800 bar), with an abrasive added for metals cutting and, being a cold process, the material cutting will have no heat affected zone, surface hardening or pierce burning.
We accept customers free issue material, where that material is not a standard stock item for Mill Stainless, which means the customer has the control over material and will only be charged the cutting costs involved.
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